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Beach is the name of one of the groups in the Alice in Borderland series. It is a "utopia" founded by Takeru Danma (The Hatter) with the help of his friend Morizono Aguni to bring hope to Borderland players by providing them with a haven filled with luxuries and comforts.

Rules in The Beach

The Beach originally had two rules:

  • 1.) You must always have on a bathing suit.

After the Beach attracts more player for food and leisure facilities, incidents such as suicide, drug abuse, violence and sexual assault becomes more common. The Hatter concludes that the Beach doesn’t yet provide enough open.

  • 2.) You are free to live your life exactly as you wish including alcohol, drugs and sex.

There needs to be some sort of grand goal. He does this fabricating the lie that collecting all 40 pip cards will send its bearer home. The truth of his lie is only shared with Aguni. As a result, a massive mural of the cards is spray painted for all to see, with every collected card crossed off. A hierarchy was also put into place. Thus, the residents of the Beach regularly departed each night in teams of four, each member specializing in one suit to ensure maximum survival rates, to clear the games and thus get all the cards (the teams aren’t always 4). As time has passed, Hatter is no longer able to differentiate his false hope from reality. This comes to a head when he kills 2 people for hiding their cards, and establishes the final rule:

  • 3.) Death to all traitors.

All cards must be given to the NO.1 resident, and no one may leave once admitted to the Beach. Doing against so is considered "traitorous."

The Beach is governed by a system of ranges. Each resident of the Beach is assigned a number that indicates their status within the organization, the lower the number, the higher the rank. Those with the highest ranks (1-9) form the Executives and the no. 1 occupies the position of leader of the Beach. As people die, one’s rank increases. People that contribute new or many cards may be promoted. Within the Beach Executives there are two factions that rule things. The Idealist/Cult Sect was led by Hatter; important members were Keiichi Kuzuryū,Rizuna An, Mira Kanō, and Yūji Mahiru. The Martial Sect was led by Agni; important members were Suguru Niragi and Takatora Samura. They also have control over all the fire guns. However, the Martial Sect is actually a method for Aguni, secretly allied with Hatter, to keep the most violent residents at bay. There are also a few other groups, such as the Gasoline Provisional Team (Manga) and the Maintenance Team (Netflix) which Kōdai Tatta was a part of.

Unknown to the players, there were 4 infiltrators at the Beach. Asahi Kujō and Momoka Inoue were Dealers ordered to infiltrate the Beach, don the role of players, and eventually start the Ten of Hearts. Keiichi Kuzuryū and Mira Kanō were both Citizens that infiltrated the Beach simply due to their curiosity.

After the death of The Hatter, the Beach becomes the game zone of the Ten of Hearts. During the Witch Hunt game, Aguni and his men murdered most of the Beach residents. After the truth behind the game and Aguni's intentions are revealed, a fire started by Niragi destroys the Beach after the survivors cleared the game.


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