Arisu Kojima
Kojima Arisu
Japanese Name 小島 亜里朱 (アリス)
Rōmaji Name
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Status Alive
Occupation High School Student
Voice Actor
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (Border Road)
"Don't give up until the end "
—Kojima in Chapter 1

Arisu Kojima is the protagonist of Alice on Border Road. Similar to Ryōhei Arisu, protagonist of the previous story, her alias is a reference to the main character "Alice" in Alice in Wonderland.


Kojima is a young girl with blue eyes and long black hair that reaches down to her elbows. She wears a Sailor fuku school uniform consisting of a white blouse attached with a sailor-style collar along with a red ribbon tie, black pleated miniskirt, navy knee-length stockings and black boots.

Before Border RoadEdit

Alice is a high schooler in Tokyo and participates in the softball team representing her school. Because of her and her senpai’s excellent performance, their team won the semi-final in the previous high school tournament. However, just before the final match, their coach was reported by the media to be involved in a sexual harassment and their team was disqualified to participate in the final match. Many disappointed teammates immediately left the team. Alice is able to get back to her feet and preparing for the next tournament to honor her graduated senpai.

Two days before her scheduled away match in Kyoto, she was crossing Nihonbashi intersection without realizing Mikihiro Tomī’s truck was crashing towards her, resulting her and her fellow victims entering the Borderland.

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