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Alice on Border Road (今際の路のアリス, Imawa no michi no Arisu) is a manga series written by the same author of Alice in Borderland, Haro Aso, but illustrated by Takayoshi Kuroda (黒田 高祥). The series premiered in Monthly Sunday Gene-X in September 2015. It is not yet known that whether it shares the same desolated world as Alice in Borderland as some important plot elements differ between the two series.


A Tokyo school girl named Kīna Sano (佐野 紀奈/キーナ) is bored by her ordinary life and believes that "life is a shitty game, which one is forced to participate for about 80 years". One day she wakes up in the desolated Kyoto with the Queen of Clubs card held in her hand without a clue. While wandering around, she meets another Tokyo school girl with the Queen of Hearts card, Alice Kojima (小島 亜里朱/アリス).

The two girls quickly get along with each other. They find the other clueless immigrants holding different face cards and are given a hint to walk their way back to Tokyo by an unknown person in the name of King of Clubs. It can be a very tiring journey without a vehicle. Therefore the 11 immigrants are divided into two groups: 1 would participate in the trip, and the other remains in Kyoto. The night before the journey, holder of the Jack of Diamonds, who refuses to go to Tokyo, is shot to death.


* The suit of card possessed by each Border Road character does not necessarily correspond to the same suit's specialty in the original Borderland.