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Alice in Borderland (今際の国のアリス, Imawa no Kuni no Alice) is a manga series written and illustrated by Haro Aso (麻生羽呂). It contains 18 volumes.


Ryōhei Arisu will leave high school soon, but he's trying to avoid thinking about his future. Late one night, when he's hanging out with his friend Karube and his silly, girl-crazy friend Chota, they see fireworks.

After one blindingly bright explosion, they find themselves waking up in a different world. In this 'Borderland,' people are forced to either participate in deadly games or die. Will Chota, Karube, and Ryouhei be able to survive this dangerous new world, and is there a way they can get back to their original lives?



Characters Characters Characters
Queen of Hearts Arisu.jpeg Ryouhei Arisu Daikichi Karube.png Daikichi Karube Chouta Segawa.png Chouta Segawa
Saori Shibuki.png Saori Shibuki Usagi Yuzuha.jpg Yuzuha Usagi Doudou Hayato.png Hayato Dodo
Akane.jpg Akane Heiya

The Beach Residents

Characters Characters Characters
Danma Takeru.png Takeru Danma


Morizono Aguni.jpg Aguni Morizono

NO.2 -> NO.1

Kuzuryuu Keiichi.png Keiichi Kuzuryuu


Suguru Niragi.jpg Suguru Niragi

NO.4 -> NO.2

Mahiro.png Yuuji Mahiru

NO.5 -> NO.3

An Rizuna.png Rizuna An

NO.6 -> NO.4

Mira.png Mira Kanou

NO.7 -> NO.5

Takatora Samura.jpg Takatora Samura

NO.8 -> NO.6

Chisiya Shuntaro.png Shuntaro Chishiya

NO.11 -> NO.9

Hikari Kuina.jpg Kuina Hikari

NO.13 - NO.11

Asahi Kujou.png Asahi Kujou


Momoka Inoue.jpg Momoka Inoue


Tatta Koudai.png Kodai Tatta


Queen of Hearts Arisu.jpeg Ryouhei Arisu

NO.71 -> NO.60 -> NO.51

Usagi Yuzuha.jpg Yuzuha Usagi

NO.72 -> NO.50 -> NO.41


Volume Chapter
Volume 1 Chapter 1.1: Game (First Half)
Chapter 1.2: Game (First Half) [continuation]
Chapter 2.1: Game (Second Half)
Chapter 2.2: Game (Second Half) [continuation]
Chapter 3.1: Three of Clubs
Chapter 3.2: Three of Clubs [continuation]
Chapter 4: Visa
Volume 2 Chapter 5.1: A Second Day Sojourn (First Half)
Chapter 5.2: A Second Day Sojourn (Second Half)
Chapter 6.1: Five of Spades (1) (First Half)
Chapter 6.2: Five of Spades (1) (Second Half)
Chapter 7.1: Five of Spades (2) (First Half)
Chapter 7.2: Five of Spades (2) (Second Half)
Chapter 8: Five of Spades (3)
Chapter 9: Five of Spades (4)