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Akane Heiya
Japanese name 塀谷 朱音
Romaji Heiya Akane
Alias Heiya (ヘイヤ)
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Status Alive
Specialty Spades
Family Mother 
Occupation High school student
Affiliation Player
Voice Actor
Manga Debut Fourth Side Story (1)
"Even the child of shitty parents deserves to dream of a bright future!"
—Heiya in the manga, Chapter 37.3

Akane Heiya (塀谷 朱音) is a character that first appears in the Fourth Side Story. She’s a scrappy survivor with a special affinity for archery.


Heiya has waist length black hair, thin eyes, and a sharp chin. Her waist, left wrist, and left thigh is wrapped with several ragged bandages, with the ones on her thigh splattered with blood. Her left bicep is wrapped in a piece of torn fabric, likely a handkerchief. She wears a crop top and a skirt, both of which are very short and tattered. On both her hands are a pair of heavy-duty fingerless gloves. Her face rarely holds a positive expression.

Following her brutal Seven of Spades on her first day of sojourn, her left shin was impaled with debris. When it started turning gangrenous, she had no choice but to amputate it, replacing it with a Flex-Foot Cheetah. Meanwhile, on her remaining foot, she sports a large boot that is used to hold a knife.


Prior to coming to the Borderlands, Heiya had a lowly outlook on life and herself as a result of childhood trauma. She didn’t care about anything, never tried anything, and casually slept with men to get anything she did want, thinking she could die young after her womanly allure faded. However, her outlook changed during her first game. As she neared death countless times, she began reflecting on how careless she was, how prudently she lived, and learned the value of life. Her experience in the Borderlands hardened her immensely. By the Second Stage, she was strong and resourceful, but also extremely cranky and snappy, especially towards Dōdō Hayato when they first met.


Before Borderlands

When Heiya was a little girl, her mother began having an affair in their own house and would tell her daughter to keep a secret. Despite her father's seemingly obliviousness because of work, Heiya's neighbors were aware of the scandal and used it to mock her. When Heiya entered high school, her mother died with her lover in a traffic accident. Like her mother, Heiya acted frivolously in school and even seduced a male schoolmate who was dating another girl. Heiya refused to smoke even though she was being surrounded by smoking friends because she dreamed she would marry her soulmate one day and did not want the smoking habit to affect her baby's health. Whenever offered new experiences, she always rejected them.

Seven of Spades

Like most new players of the Borderland, Heiya is clueless and joins her first game, the Seven of Spades (Boiling Death), lacking any sense of alertness. After the initial eruption, her torso is impaled with a metal wire and she realizes that she may be the only one left. She tried to pull herself up and off the wire, but the pain is too immense. On her third try, she slowly lifted herself off. Carefully trudging around the boiling water, she sees a mangled corpse, covered in burns and blisters. In a horrific revelation, she realizes they all were boiled to death. She limps away, repulsing at the stench of rotting eggs. Her wound won’t stop bleeding. She puts her hand against a wall to rest, but is immediately burned. She looks and sees a water pipe. With no options left. She leans in and uses the pipe to cauterize her wound, all while shrieking in pain. She falls, drenched in sweat and craving water. She sees a pool and notices it isn’t bubbling, which means it could be safe. When she feels it, it’s lukewarm. She elatedly gulps down a handful before spitting it back out right away in disgust. She realizes that the minerals in the hot spring likely makes it unsafe to drink. She’s so hot and thirsty she can’t think straight. Then, the whole stadium rumbles as it starts collapsing again. The boiling water starts reaching her floor and she’s in horror, but then a ventilation duct falls. She crawls in as the water floods the area. Her stomach is now in pain, and she tried licking her sweat but it’s also salty. She starts going insane, screaming and cursing at the place for being too loud and not having drinking water, and she blames it all on “that woman”. The smell of rotting eggs caught up to her, and she vomits. She goes forward and the duct splits downwards. If she heads down, it should take her closer to the first floor, but she feels unsure. Going with her gut instinct, she continues heading up. Had she gone down the split, it would’ve led to a chamber of boiling water. She sees a light, and starts getting excited, but when she crawls out, the vent is suspended over a pit of rubble and water that doesn’t seem to be bubbling. With the smell now caught up, she has no choice but to bet on it. She jumps, and the water feels fine. But then, her left shin is impaled by a giant drag of metal, causing her to scream in agony. She’s crawls out, unable to remove the metal, and makes a tourniquet using her jacket. She continued crawling on, and on, and on. She pulls out her phone, and finds out that it miraculously still works. She begins to record, first addressing a message to all her friends, then to her father, telling him how he was so engrossed in work he didn’t treat her mother well. Then, to her mom, she once again stated how it was all her fault. Her final message was to her future self, who would be living a happy and fulfilling life. She must never forget that on this day, she had the willpower to survive. If she didn’t grant herself her one past wish, she would never forgive herself. With that, she crawls on, and on, and on. She sees an idol poster and thinks the guy on the far end looks like her type. She uses that as a motivation to keep crawling. Once she reached him, she sets a new goal. Then, she has the feeling that she’s being watched. She turns around, but there’s no one. She passes it off as an effect of the pain and heat. The rumbling begins once more. The final collapse is about to occur, and it’s on a whole other scale compared to the ones prior. She ducks for cover, and is surprised to make it out alive. But as a result, she lost her bearings. She’s at both her physical and mental limits and might go the way she came. Finally, it appears: a ghostly figure, or hallucination, of her mom. She sorrowfully forgives her. The mother points toward a light, and Heiya says goodbye, unable to thank her. As the venue is finally destroyed, she escapes and reaches the Game Clear register.

Later that night, she crawls to a nearby hospital and her leg wound has began turning gangrenous. The former chief surgeon appears, and she begs him to help her. He agrees to amputate it, but she just pay him back, on the spot, with another form of currency. Understanding what he means, she reluctantly agrees.

King of Spades


After Borderlands

During her cardiac arrest, a crumbling rooftop falls onto her leg, requiring it to be amputated. As a result, she is now bound to a wheelchair. As she goes around the hospital each day, she notices Dōdō constantly looking into Aguni’s room, and decides to ask him if he’s someone he knows personally. Dōdō explains the weird desire he feels wanting Aguni to get well soon, and she asks if he saved his life or something, clearly a bit confused. When he notices her amputation, she explains what happened. She continues, talking about her happiness to be alive and her hope for the future, having never felt this way before, Dōdō relates to this. Later on, he can be seen pushing her, both of them chatting and smiling.




"To the me... in the future... you... now... with a life full of happiness, never forget that on this day I gave you the opportunity through my sheer willpower to make it through this!!"
—Heiya, Chapter 37.3
"This debt is enormous. If you don’t live a fulfilling life, I will never forgive you!!"
—Heiya, Chapter 37.3
"You and I are different. I now know that my future belongs to me."
—Heiya, Chapter 37.3
"I can make do with you. Let’s fuck. This world’s got so much stress over dying any moment. Even a girl has her needs."
—Heiya, Chapter 49.4
"Being able to live in this world isn’t something you should take lightly!!"
—Heiya, Chapter 49.4
"I feel much happier to be alive than I did before... I’ve got a sparkling bright dreamlike future ahead of me!"
—Heiya, Chapter 64


  • The name Akane means "vermilion red" (朱) (ak) and "sound" (音) (ne).
  • Akane's surname Heiya means "wall, fence" (塀) (hei) and "valley" (谷) (ya).


  • She was in the Borderlands for a total of 55 days.
  • Of the “Main Players”, she and Dōdō were the only 2 people to technically not clear any Face Card game.

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